Kuya J’s Restaurant : Never Again

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Every Juan loves food. I knew it because I am one of those “foodies” that really loves to eat, so I usually try “new”, “exciting”, and “exotic” dishes everywhere I am.

So I am one of the foodie that tried Kuya J’s when it opened a branch in Cavite last year. the food was good, and the menu is very familiar with us Filipinos and I became one of the regular customer.

But there are some events that made me quit dining out in Kuya J’s Restaurant, and fortunately, it’s not because of the food, but because of the staff and customer service. I hope this is an isolated case, but it happened a dozen times already so I decided to share this with my readers. I hope Kuya J’s Restaurant management will do something about this.

Scenario 1: 

My partner and I dine in one of Kuya J’s branch here in Cavite, and decided to just ‘take out’ our remaining food. We called our waiter and told him that we will take out the food. That time,we had a bowl of fried rice (good for 3 persons) included and we just took two to three spoonful of fried rice,so it’s still a lot. After we paid the bill, we didn’t checked what’s in the pouch and just left. When we got home later, we found out that the fried rice was just only a spoonful.

Happened to us thrice in different branches and with different dishes.Darn.

Scenario 2:

This is the most latest “event”. Me and some business associates did some informal meeting in Kuya J’s restaurant located in Baclaran (near Heritage Hotel). After eating, I decided to order food again,a supposedly ‘pasalubong‘ for my family,and the Beef Caldereta was the main course.The waitress did repeat my order twice and all was good. After I got the pouch with the food inside,we billed out and paid the total amount. Unfortunately, we left the receipt at the table and I didn’t bothered to check the pouch.

When I got home ( a two hour drive), to my dismay, my order was incomplete,the Beef Caldereta was nowhere in sight. I called the branch and told them that my order was incomplete. The waitress said I did not order Beef Caldereta. Seriously? The waitress repeat my order twice and the Beef Caldereta was included in it and it was in the receipt too. The only food in the pouch was rice and dessert. Would you eat the rice with a dessert? Got really pissed off on their excuse so I hanged up. And they didn’t even bothered to call again for some closure of my complaint. Very incompetent. Good bye Beef Caldereta. Goodbye 350 pesos ko.

I know I have some irresponsibility in my part. I should checked the pouch before leaving and I should bring the receipt with me. But do customers really need to put a close eye with that? Doesn’t the restaurant need to put a close eye on their staff and train them properly?

But I learned my lesson well already. Will never dine in Kuya J’s Restaurant. Never again.


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