B Hotel Alabang : Not so good

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19th May 2017
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1st June 2017

We stayed here for business with our 2 kiddos.Honestly, we’ve booked here because I’ve read a lot of reviews so now it’s my turn 🙂 If you want to stay at B Hotel, you can do it here: Agoda  |  Expedia  |  Hotels.com

Well,here’s my verdict for the hotel:

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Customer service are bad,in Facebook (which they responded,but can’t even confirmed our reservation,but when I got sarcastic,that’s when they contacted the front desk to confirm) or e-mail (which I never got a response).

They do not have a mobile number,and will tell you to call their landline,which is more expensive.

Front desk did not guide us where is our room,so we probably got lost if we are not fond of asking every staff we saw.

Front desk,shuttle and guards are accommodating,but other servers in the cafe didn’t even smile,particularly the young man who served us our dinner & breakfast,and won’t respond even a bit when u ask for something,and he will just look at you fiercely.



For the room rate of 5,000+ (without breakfast),I could tell that it’s not worth it.No welcome drinks,but the reservation confirmation said it have,which is a lie.Hotel’s interior design is good though.


Hotel is near Alabang Town Center and Molito Mall and their parking area is the worst we experienced so far.



The B H 

We stay at room 216,which is good and spacious.I am very fond of hotel room’s with a view,even just a street or some buildings but to my dismay,view there is the roof of the first floor and heavily tinted and at the back of the building,so,no view for my eyes.

Toiletries comes with slippers and bathrobe,which is I really need during staycations whenever I am.

The shampoo smells great,but the soap smells like a detergent.

Cable channels are very limited.Do not even have Cartoon Network or other channels for the kids.For a hotel that works with Bellevue,they must have that,right?



Not reliable and only works with one device,so you gotta call the front desk just to be connected.

What I like in this hotel is shuttle service,that’s one of the reason we booked here ,but it arrives after only 15 minutes.If you are fine waiting for ages and do not mind standing too long,it won’t be a problem.


Food are delicious but pricey.Our business client mentioned that service charge is too expensive,but there’s no service really,(because of our server’s attitude)only charge.Hope the management do something about it.

Free buffet breakfast have a variety but limited.

Check in and check out was a breeze.

No swimming pool or other amenities.


Overall,I’ll give it 2 stars out of 5.

I will not recommend you to stay here,there’s a better hotel around Alabang with the same price but with a better service.