15th October 2017
Madies Place Guest House: Home Away from Home

Madie’s Place Guest House: Home away from home

For my eldest daughter’s birthday three-day celebration, we decided to go to the Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna (instead of Hongkong, where flights are already […]
26th August 2017

10 must-see places in Taipei,Taiwan

Ah so you are going to Taiwan? Why don’t you stay in Taipei for a while? Every traveller knows where is Taipei . It is in […]
13th August 2017

Kuya J’s Restaurant : Never Again

Every Juan loves food. I knew it because I am one of those “foodies” that really loves to eat, so I usually try “new”, “exciting”, and […]
8th July 2017

How to get Philippine passport via Courtesy Lane

DISCLAIMER: Travelling Maya is not affiliated with the Department of Foreign Affairs and this guide is based on our personal experience and meant to give information […]