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13th June 2017
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8th July 2017

So,you saw a cheap round trip flight to Tokyo,Osaka or Fukuoka and booked right away without second thoughts?

The next crucial step is to get a Japan Visa.

Basically,there are four easy steps getting a Japan Visa.Let’s jump in!

STEP 1: Determine what kind of visa you will need.

There are various types of Japan Visa : a visa for medical stay, a visa for business, a visa for transit, a visa for tourism, etc.

In this particular article,I will only discuss a visa for tourism. If you have a different purpose of visit, it’s still best that you go to this page of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines for more information.

STEP 2: Prepare the required documents.

Make sure that you have authentic, original, and complete documents at all times.This list of requirements are based on page of Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. Please click the + sign to view the required documents.


  • Philippine Passport

If your photo has broken lamination, it will NOT be accepted. Make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months prior to intended travel date, it has your signature, and has at least two (2) blank pages. In my case, I renewed my passport because I have some broken lamination in the bio page.

  • A duly accomplished Application Form

Print the Japan Visa Application Form in A4 size.
Download the application form.

If you are going to fill it out by hand, make sure that there will be NO erasure. Best to write in print or in capitalized letters too. Make sure that you have signed the form. Put “N/A” in all spaces that are not applicable especially on the 2nd page. 
There are sections here that ask for your airline and hotel name…
This does NOT mean that you are required to book your flight and hotel because the embassy does NOT require applicants to book it before application. Just write your intended airline to fly and the hotel that you plan to stay in. If you are going to stay in multiple hotels, just pick one to write on the form.

If in case you want some “peace of mind” and still want to book a hotel to show to the embassy, it is best to do it with or With them, you can reserve a hotel with NO pre-payment and you can even cancel the booking a day before your arrival with NO cancellation charges at all. For flights, just watch out for promo fares on local airlines like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. (Yet again, like I said, booking these won’t really affect your application).

  • 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm Photo (white background)

This must be pasted on the Japan Visa Application Form. Photos that are pixelated or of low resolution will NOT be accepted.

  • PSA Birth Certificate

This must be an PSA Original that has been issued within one (1) year.
This is NOT required for submission IF you have already been issued a Japan Visa before (old or still valid).
In case your birth certificate from PSA is unreadable or if you have no record in NSO/PSA, please submit your birth certificate from the local civil registrar.
If your NSO is of “Late Registration”, please kindly submit:

Baptismal Certificate – must have complete address and telephone information of the church
School Record (Form 137) – must have complete address and telephone information of the school

  • PSA Marriage Certificate

 This is only required if you are married. Make sure that it has been issued within one year.
This is NOT required for submission IF you have already been issued a Japan Visa before (old or still valid).

  • Daily Schedule in Japan

Download the form.

This is basically where you give the embassy an idea of your travel itinerary. It does not need to be complicated.

  • Bank Certificate

This must be an original copy from your bank which must be issued within the past 3 months.

How much should you have in your bank account?

 The Japan Embassy did not mention any minimum balance requirement.Please take note that your bank certificate will show the monthly average balance of your savings account; therefore, depositing a sudden large amount of money in order to assist you in your visa application is a big NO-NO.

  • Proof of Income

If you’re retired or a senior citizen, you can refrain from submitting an ITR and you can also apply WITHOUT a guarantor/sponsor — for as long as you submit your Bank Certificate and explain why you can’t submit an ITR. Otherwise…

For employed persons

Latest ITR (Form 2316/ 1700/ 1701/ 1702) original and photocopy in A4 paper.
Certificate of Employment
If,in any case, that you do NOT have an ITR, write a letter explaining why you’re unable to submit it.

For self-employed / business persons

If you are a freelancer, provide latest ITR (Form 2316/ 1700/ 1701/ 1702) original and photocopy in A4 paper.
You own a business? Submit your Business Registration issued by DTI / SEC and the company ITR.
If you do NOT have an ITR, write a letter explaining why you’re unable to submit it.

For OFWs

Provide tax exemption form from BIR.
Certificate of Employment (or contract of employment)
For unemployed persons
Given the way the Embassy of Japan presents its requirements for visa application, it’s best that you acquire a guarantor/sponsor who can provide an ITR.



This kind of application is applicable for students, minors, unemployed persons, husband/wife (if one of you can’t submit bank certificate) and even self-employed persons/freelancers who can’t provide an ITR and have no strong reason why they can’t submit it. This kind of application is what we’ve done for our family of three adults, one child and one infant.

For submitting the necessary requirements, simply submit the requirements listed. And when it comes to Bank Certificate and Proof of Income, ask these from your guarantor/sponsor living in the Philippines.

In addition, you should submit:

  • Guarantee Letter

Download the template here. 
Under “Seal”, this is supposedly for companies who will sponsor you. If it’s an individual who does not have a seal, he/she can just put his/her signature there.

  • Photocopy of Guarantor/Sponsor’s Passport

Provide a photocopy of the bio page only; if not, it can be a photocopy of any Visa page or any government-issued ID.
If your guarantor/sponsor is a foreigner or foreign national, please also provide a photocopy of his/her identity card (I-CARD) or AEP (Alien Employment Permit).

If you’re a student or minor, submit your Certificate of Enrollment.
If your guarantor/sponsor is a foreigner or foreign national, and he/she has NO account in any of the local banks in the Philippines, he/she can provide a photocopy of his/her bank statement with contact details.



The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines does NOT accept direct applications (unless you have a very special or dire case). So what you need to do is go to an accredited travel agency — submit your documents to them and they will process your application for you.

A Japan Visa is FREE, however, these travel agencies charge for the service that they offer of processing your application, and their corresponding single-entry Japan tourist visa without guarantor fee are :

(for fees on other types of tourist visas, kindly inquire with them or check their website).

Universal Holidays in Makati = Php 1,200
Discovery Tour in Makati, Cebu, & Davao = Php 800
Rajah Travel in Makati & Ermita = P.hp 800
Reli Tours in Makati, Pasay, Mandaluyong, Binondo and Las Pinas = Php 950
Attic Tours in Pasay & Cebu = Php 1,500
Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation in Makati & Cebu = Php 1,200
Pan Pacific Travel in Makati & Ermita = Php 1,000
Pan Pacific Travel only accepts visa applications without Japanese guarantor


Personally, I applied to Universal Holidays because they were the fastest to answer my queries. They are located in Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati and only paid 900php per person (for family minimum of 4 pax that applying visa together) the processing fee,so that’s 300php discount for each of us.



After you submit your documents to an accredited travel agency, you’ll just have to wait for their email/call/text message that either notifies you of when you can pick up your passport or when you still need to give them additional requirements. (Again, be aware that submission does NOT guarantee issuance of visa.)

Visa processing normally takes 2-5 business days — we got ours in just 2 days with Universal Holidays.

Also, I was told that if there’s a red sticker at the back of your passport upon pick-up, it means that your application has been denied. If it’s a white one,congratulations! You are ready to visit the Land Of The Rising Sun!


Do you have any other tips to add? If you’ve already applied for a Japan visa before, how was your experience?

Please feel free to share your story!


  1. how to get tourist visa, my frend invited me to come to japan

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    How to get a japan tourist visa? My fiance is japanese and he will be my guarantor for this trip. How is the process? I need your contact info. Thank you.

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