About The Maya

Our mission is to give our tips and hacks when travelling with the family,to be able to help and give advice to other families that want to explore but can't because of the myth that you can't enjoy travelling with kids.

We are aiming to see the world,one or two new places in a year with my partner and kiddos. We are currently focusing on Asia first.

How will we travel with my kids in tow? Well,that’s the challenge for us! Of course you need to stay tuned on how we will do it! In fact, we thought we can't do it until we did it ourselves. All opinions are my own.


To be able to explore Asia and visit the 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to promote eco-tourism,the conservation of natural ecosystems, biodiversity and culture and to increase the awareness on environmental conservation and responsible travel. Anyone that want to be part of this mission can contact me directly.